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Marco Fuhrer and Martin Hotz

We are competent and efficient consultants in the areas of market analysis, marketing and market management. In the retail sector we have great deal of knowledge about developments and structures, customer behaviour at the point of sale as well as manufacturer possibilities.

The Swiss Marketing Forum is our platform to prove and increase our know-how, both nationally and internationally, with seminars, workshops and studies. People are more important to us than technical matters. We are convinced that ethics will become the decisive competitive factor for every company.


Our company is based on four principles. Firstly, we offer consulting, where the entire sales network, as well as the external- and self-assessment to measure performance and to determine the appropriate priorities for action are being analysed. Secondly, we conduct research wherewith we obtain information about key experiences, skills and strengths/weaknesses to develop measures and improvements. Furthermore, we always try to be up to date through targeted networking in order to better assess opportunities and risks. Eventually, we conduct studies which provide practical knowledge for each market participant. These studies contribute to a better understanding of customer needs in order to increase their satisfaction with reference to new, respectively important suggestions and ideas.


Fuhrer & Hotz has worked with many leading companies which are active in the sectors of retail, specialty store, department store, fashion boutique and wholesale. A small selection: Cash+Carry Angehrn, Coop, Denner, Ochsner Sport, Manor, Migros and Schild. We also cooperate with various companies in the industry. Well-known examples are: Coca Cola, Emmi, Mondel─ôz, Nestle, P&G, RedBull and Unilever.

Ebeltoft Switzerland - Fuhrer & Hotz
Dorfstrasse 13a
CH-6430 Baar, Switzerland

Marco Fuhrer

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