Ebeltoft Group Non-Food Retail (Mass Market) Expertise

This industry is facing exciting challenges: reinventing the old breathless models (more emotion, more customer orientation, more cross-channel, more solutions, more creativity…) while sustaining the current performances!

Our main solutions for Non-Food Retail (Mass Market) include the following areas:

  • Customer research
  • Strategic planing and internationalization
  • Brand positioning and commercial model
  • Cross-channel and customer marketing
  • Busines model optimization
  • Store design and visual merchandising
  • Retail due diligence

Expert Insights

“Economical and technological advances are reshaping the retail landscape faster than most retailers are able to respond. Austerity has supplied a strong incentive for consumers of non-food retail to move online, requiring a radical rethink of the purpose of the store in the consumer shopping journey.”

Ebeltoft Portugal João Ferreira

“Retail remains an art of the execution… but the need for reinvention has never been so obvious for 40 years! Some mass market retailers have proven that reinventing yourself is possible (think of Leroy-Merlin…) – but very, very few. Our role is to help retailers climbing this mountain, which deserves a balanced mix between vision, pragmatism and consistency.”

Ebeltoft France Cédric Ducrocq

“Non-food retailers have been suffering increasing pressure from online retailers. The challenges for these organizations include the increase of productivity by better executing merchandising, supply chain management, store operations and the delivery of a superior shopping experience. The development of a truly integrated organization that can implement an omni-channel value proposition is a key strategic frontier for the long term. ”

Ebeltoft Brazil Marcos Gouvêa de Souza