Ebeltoft Group Wholesale Expertise

Many wholesalers are under increasing pressure from manufacturers and retailers/end users. Should they become retailers as well? Are other business models relevant, including e-commerce, b2b and b2c?

Our main solutions for Wholesale include the following areas:

  • Strategy review of all sales channels
  • Development and implementation of wholesale strategy
  • Purchasing organization and cooperation systems
  • Vertical and/or horizontal expansion strategy
  • Retailer strategy
  • Cash and carry formats

Expert Insights

“The positioning as service provider towards its B2B customers, with the mission to support solving trade relevant problems and to generate more transactions and traffic at their retail customers, will help wholesalers remain successful in the future.”

Ebeltoft Germany Dr. Anna Barbara Holstein

“Wholesalers are looking for growth, and therefore are more and more open minded in their strategic planning process. Many different business models are considered relevant and urgent to implement if survival shall be secured in a global market with less and lees space for national and small wholesalers.”

Ebeltoft Denmark Henning Bahr