Ebeltoft Group Fashion, Sport & Lifestyle Expertise

No business changes faster than fashion. Trends change, tastes change, colors change, as do consumer preferences for their favorite retailers. Staying ahead in fashion means constantly tracking and adapting to the market. To deliver real value in this industry, global and in-depth expertise is a must.

Our main solutions for Fashion, Sport & Lifestyle include the following areas:

  • Trends matching, customer research and target group identification
  • Strategic planning and internationalization
  • Brand positioning and development
  • Alignment of customer touch points and customer marketing
  • Business model optimization and professional collection planning
  • Store design and visual merchandising
  • Operational excellence and sourcing

Expert Insights

“I love fashion retail. What is unique with this industry is the need for combining a deep emotional and creative sensitivity, with the most optimized processes (e.g. merchandinse planning). This is a business of no mercy, but of huge recognition: successes and failures may come incredibly fast.”

Ebeltoft France C├ędric Ducrocq

“Succeeding in fashion retailing means striking a delicate balance between risk taking and disciplined execution. The best retailers meet consumer needs in a compelling way while tightly managing their business.”

Ebeltoft USA Anne Brouwer

“Over the last years the competition in the sports- and apparel- business has increased massively and this trend will further continue. To be able to grow their business further, companies need to perform optimally in all aspects of their operation.”

Ebeltoft Germany Karin Theegarten