Ebeltoft Group Food Retail Expertise

Food retailers (and manufacturers) need to improve their competitive edge through innovations – even in markets where consumers are increasingly focused on pricing.

Our main solutions for Food Retail include the following areas:

  • Consumer understanding
  • Market positioning
  • Strategy and concept development
  • Category management and reviews
  • Execution (private label development, perishables excellence, etc.)

Expert Insights

“The food retailing sector is elemental to retail in most countries, always the largest segment of the retail pie. And because food retailers operate on razor thin margins, it is constantly the place for innovation, whether it be in merchandising, service, technology, etc…in order to gain an edge over the competition.”

Ebeltoft USA Neil Stern

“Instead of a long termed partnership between manufacturer and retailer, we see yearly win-loose negotiations, where only the strongest survive. Of course there is room for more innovation, which is needed if companies want to improve their long termed profit, but who dares to challenge the discounters?”

Ebeltoft Denmark Henning Bahr