Ebeltoft Group Food Service Retail Expertise

Outstanding food service retail and catering operators know that operational excellence is not enough to overtake tough competitors, while driving success and sustainable profits; a mastery and knowledge of retail tools is essential.

Our main solutions for Food Service Retail & Catering include the following areas:

  • Merchandising and sales data analysis
  • Shopper insights and stores clusters definition
  • Brand strategy development
  • Visual Merchandising development
  • Menu design offer, pricing strategy and in-store communication
  • Sales staff training on customer care and cross selling

Expert Insights

“Knowing the unique competency of a food service retail business will help it focus resources on its area of strength. The formula to succeed is not complete without the right branding strategy and consistent delivery of excellent service.”

Ebeltoft Singapore & China Luke Lim

“Although it is not easy to shift from a traditionally more operational focused organization to a customer centric one, our food service clients are experiencing significant improvements in their results, once implementing “Retail know-how and techniques” to their business. A huge opportunity to innovate in Food Service and Catering.”

Ebeltoft Spain Magda Espuga