Ebeltoft Group Specialty Goods Manufacturing Expertise

By means of our unique knowledge about both the consumer and the shopper, but also about the retail and wholesale world, we have been supporting nonfood sector manufacturers for years.

Our main solutions for Specialty Goods Manufacturing include the following areas:

  • Brand positioning und brand development
  • Target group analysis and segmentation (category, brand, market)
  • Development of cross-channel sales strategy
  • Training and coaching of the sales division by means of Neuromarketing insights
  • Restructuring and alignment of the whole range of shopper marketing and sales activities
  • Development, analysis and optimization of the category management process, the corresponding tools and interfaces
  • Acquisition and assessment of current promotion activities, respectively new approaches on shopper and retailer insights

Expert Insights

“In multiple areas, particularly those concerning company structure or the implementation of innovations and improvements, the nonfood industry normally lags behind the food sector. In this case, it is quite important for manufacturers to not only adapt themselves to the fast pace of their customers, but also to create clear structures within their company in order to be able to elaborate flexibly and in an appropriate way on their customer’s requirements.”

Ebeltoft Germany Dr. Thomas Rotthowe