Ebeltoft Group Cross Channel Expertise

Cross Channel is now a must for retailers from developed and emerging markets, independent of their retail sector or size of operations.

Our main solutions for Cross Channel include the following areas:

  • E-commerce performance improvement and commercial model development
  • Multichannel strategy development
  • Cross channel development (on-offline alignment/ integration)
  • Cross channel audit/ global (best practice) benchmarking
  • Organizational changes to fit cross channel 2.0
  • Cross channel solutions for retail internationalization
Our publications in this area:

2012 Global Cross Channel Retailing

Ebeltoft Group´s “2012 Global Cross Channel Retailing” report assesses customer facing cross channel capabilities, providing in-depth measures of retailers´ cross channel capabilities at global, country and sector levels.

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Expert Insights

“The challenge for our clients coming from mortar is to boost their e-commerce performances AND to develop their cross channel consistently. These two objectives lead to different prioritizations. But both are crucial!”

Ebeltoft France Cédric Ducrocq

“Many retailers are now actively pursuing cross channel strategies, driven from the senior leadership team. We are at a point where most companies are still defining their operational priorities for cross channel and the resource implications going forward. Choosing the right priorities will be key, as the investment can be substantial.”

Ebeltoft USA Jim Okamura