Ebeltoft Group Branding Expertise

Retail branding is essential in today’s competitive consumer market. If you are not different, special, or unique, you are a commodity and interchangeable. It is all about creating relevant differentiation.

Our main solutions for Branding include the following areas:

  • Brand research and creation
  • Brand enhancement
  • List item
  • Brand extension
  • Brand portfolio analysis
  • Internal branding

8 Step Branding Process (where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there. It deals with brand personality, essence and DNA).

Expert Insights

“The benefits of retail branding are clear: increased shareholder value; alignment up and down the organization; customer loyalty/advocacy.”

Ebeltoft Canada John Torella

“With effective branding, a brand does not need to leverage solely on price competitiveness but can compete in terms of value and build strong brand loyalty. This will result in the maximization of the brand’s value and longevity of the brand.”

Ebeltoft Singapore & China Luke Lim