Ebeltoft Group Customer Research Expertise

As a market matures, differentiation becomes critical. Shifts in customer preferences, motivations, and buying behavior open new growth opportunities, requiring new approaches.

It is not about describing what customers say and do: it is about bringing retailers an intimate understanding of actual drivers for preference, trust and purchase.

Our main solutions for Customer Research include the following areas:

  • Pricing Analysis
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Consuming and Shopping Habits
  • Market Potential
  • New Products and Concepts

Expert Insights

“Many retailers are now realizing that technology changes are continuing to cause consumer habits to evolve, while convenience is making shopping habits evolve into a multi-channel approach rather than ‘one-stop shopping’. Redefining current retail solutions that meet costumer’s preferences, motivations, and buying behavior is crucial to exploring new growth opportunities.”

Ebeltoft Portugal Luis Rosário

“Being truly customer oriented is altogether a vital necessity and a challenge for retailers. This starts with a powerful, permanent and action oriented system of customer intelligence. And research for retailers has to be carried by retail experts: the KPIs, the methods, the need for pragmatism, the local dimension… so many things differ from traditional marketing researches !”

Ebeltoft France Guillaume Antonietti