Ebeltoft Group Due Diligence Expertise

We understand the key questions clients wish to address when acquiring businesses, enabling us to quickly obtain the insight needed to appraise any investment. We use analytical rigour and our extensive industry experience to provide clear actionable recommendations allowing our clients to make more informed decisions while reducing the risks associated with acquisitions.

Our main solutions for Due Diligence include the following areas:

  • Business Model Validation
  • Trading Data Analysis
  • Market and Competitor Assessment
  • Customer Behavior Analysis and Segmentation
  • Organizational Review
  • Operational Review
  • Growth Plan Validation

Expert Insights

“Conducting due diligence is akin to solving an intricate and detailed puzzle. The client has a few critical questions that need to be answered, or perhaps we can show them a way to view the company that they haven’t thought of before. Time is compressed and the stakes are very high. We help clients arrive at the right decisions.”

Ebeltoft USA Neil Stern

“Having conducted over 400 due diligence assignments for financial institutions, we are quick to help identify the key risks in any investment. Our experience helps us identify and distil the critical drivers of any retail or consumer business model. We provide clear actionable recommendations that help increase the chance of success for the investor and often help to implement these recommendations with management once a transaction has completed.”

Ebeltoft UK Tom Holt

““Due Diligence is like a F1 race– requiring complete control of the direction of analysis while moving at high speeds. Simultaneous evaluation of market and industry structure, macroeconomic factors, competitive dynamics, customer & supplier relationships and target’s performance is undertaken to form a view on the target and its ability to deliver forecast results. Our ability to skim through a sea of information and analysis, identify the relevant levers and distil critical aspects is important to offer value creating insights to our clients”. ”

Ebeltoft India Pragya Singh