Ebeltoft Group Franchise Development Expertise

The effectiveness of an expansion plan based on the franchise system is extremely powerful and characterized by a well-built business plan and full comprehension of the business to be replicated as well as the local or global market.

Our main solutions for Franchise Development include the following areas:

  • Franchise or License Strategy Development
  • Franchisee Audit and Optimization
  • Franchise Organization Development and Restructuring
  • International Expansion Project
  • Franchise Negotiations and Local Support
  • IP Strategy and Management
  • Franchise Marketing, Promotion and Communication Strategy
  • Continuing Training and Training Program Development

Expert Insights

“Franchising is one of the quickest ways to grow your business and your brand. But to do it well demands close attention to some key aspects of how to maintain the operating systems and how to sustain the relationships that are crucial to long-term success. In other words, as with many other areas of human endeavour, it’s all about the hardware and the software. ”

Ebeltoft Singapore & China Luke Lim

“The franchise market has been growing vertiginously and since 1985 we have been involved in development, education, organization, management, internationalization and expansion of business. We constantly conduct studies and research on new methodologies, processes and technologies that complement the needs of our clients.”

Ebeltoft Brazil Claudia Bittencourt