Ebeltoft Group Store Concept / Visual Merchandising Expertise

The store is altogether the "proof of the brand" (emotional and projective) and a "point of sale" (transactional and business oriented). Winning stores for tomorrow will have to reconcile those objectives: it is not about design, it is about performances (in customers, marketing and business terms).

Our main solutions for Store Concept / Visual Merchandising include the following areas:

  • Store design
  • Visual merchandising
  • Store commercial efficiency
  • In-store communication
  • Shopper marketing
  • Connected store / web extended store

Expert Insights

“Inventing amazing designs for flagships is incredibly exciting… but in real life, the challenge is to bring emotion, efficiency and stimulation in every store of a retail chain, will limited Capex to make it possible to roll out! We blend in our projects design, visual merchandising, in-store communication and when necessary devices, to deliver what matters at the end: the best conditions for the date between clients and products!”

Ebeltoft France Laurent Perret

“Many retailers don’t differentiate themselves sufficiently from the competitors. Successful retailers fascinate their customers by a unique and emotional PoS concept in detail.”

Ebeltoft Germany Uwe Erker