Ebeltoft Group Strategy and Positioning Expertise

We help brands, retailers and consumer service providers to achieve enduring profitable growth, through strategic and practical advice based on consumer and customer insight, market analysis and operational expertise gained through industry experience.

Our main solutions for Strategy and Positioning include the following areas:

  • Assessment of current state—SWOT Analysis
  • Mission/Vision/Values: Who Do We Want to Be?
  • Where can we go?: Options and Ideation generation
  • Ideation screeners—where should we go?
  • Prioritization and Planning—how do we get there?
  • Measurement and tracking—creating a balanced scorecard
  • Development of (multi-channel) effectiveness assessment and strategy

Expert Insights

“Our mentor Norm McMillan used to say that strategic planning should be simple, not complex. Companies need to ask themselves a few simple questions: "What do you want to be when you grow up? And, what do customers want more of from you? And less?" Just give them that.”

Ebeltoft USA Will Ander

“The businesses that flourish are those that gain real insight into their customers, develop propositions with their customers and brand values clearly in mind, and align their operations to serve customers consistently across all touch-points.”

Ebeltoft UK Mark Brand

“The Strategic Compass Model and use of the 4 Es helped guide Canada Post’s business strategy development. Once we chose a direction, the job of aligning resources and tactics efficiently fell into place.”

Ebeltoft Canada John C. Williams