Breaking Brands – Learn from Delivery Center, Doordash Kitchen & Fashionalia

Breaking Brands – Learn from Delivery Center, Doordash Kitchen & Fashionalia

23 Jul 2021

In this monthly update we would like to inspire you by sharing some innovative concepts which are adapting to the retailtrends: Omni Integration, Extreme Convenience, Extreme Experience and Sustainable Practices. This month, the trend Omni Integration will have our attention with trends from Delivery Center, Doordash Kitchen and Fashionalia. Which breaking brands will inspire you?

About the trend
The emergence of Covid-19 speed up the need for technology adaptions and digital innovations that allow consumers to always be connected. They can shop, return, or share products anytime and anywhere at the touch of a button. Bricks and mortar and the online channel are no longer separate entities, but complementary platforms that improve the retail experience. Customers want to be served at anytime, anywhere and through every channel. With click and collect, augmented reality assistants, endless aisle, lockers, and data-driven stores, omni experience dominates retail today.

#1 Delivery Center - Brazil
Delivery Center is a tech startup that provides a full-service platform (marketplace, payment and logistics) where retailers located in shopping malls can sell and fulfill online orders. They offer retailers the following expertise and services:

  • Tech team: an experienced team to support retailers located in the malls to digitalize their stores (upload assortment, prices and commercial dynamics in the platform);
  • Logistic hub: composed by “shoppers” that collect the orders from the stores and a team that deliver them to the customers. They generally have a support area located in the parking lot of the partner mall.
  • Tech infrastructure: a full-service technological platform integrating marketplace, payment and customer data.

Delivery Center is also expanding the reach of the retailers at shopping malls, since they recently signed a partnership with the biggest marketplace in Brazil to include the digitalized retailers there too. Overall, Delivery Center offers an innovative solution for shopping malls to enter in the digital channels operating their own platform. They are creating their own ecosystem for shopping malls offering a fast track and a simple plug and play solution to digitalize malls.

#2 DoorDash Kitchen - USA
A new offering from delivery platform DoorDash is a shared commissary kitchen with multiple restaurants allowing for cross-ordering between merchants called DoorDash Kitchen. Restaurateurs can rent out kitchen stations in a shared space to allow them to scale their takeout business without taking up room in a traditional dine-in location. DoorDash Kitchens works closely with each merchant, co-designing their spaces to customize the environment, storage and equipment to their specific needs. Each kitchen is staffed by employees of the brand using it, with DoorDash personnel handling janitorial services, delivery, and the handoff of meals in a common area for order pick-up.

The concept works with both locally founded and national businesses to provide customized kitchen space for five restaurant operations that offer delivery and pickup services through DoorDash’s app. DoorDash also handles marketing for partners, gives its restaurant brands access to nearby markets for delivery and pickup with very little risk and despite existing in a shared space, DoorDash Kitchen offers customized spaces based on the unique needs of each business.

#3 Fashionalia - Spain
Fashionalia is a fashion marketplace with a clear value proposition for both fashion brands and customers:

  • Fashion brands can show their latest collections at full price instead of selling forever discounted clothing from old seasons as in most marketplaces. Also, preserving each fashion brand image and positioning is a priority for the marketplace.
  • Customers are part of a loyalty club that uses gamification techniques to make their benefits grow: the more a user buys and shares, the bigger the benefits: from personalized “VIP” prices –special prices available only for that customer and for a limited time- to curated recommendations or free shipping.

On February 2020, Fashionalia opened a phygital store where customers have the same online experience, with all their personal benefits, with the additional advantages of touching and trying on the clothing. The store shows collections from 30 premium brands and is blending physical and digital with tools like smart mirrors with RFID, large screens to access full online collection, QR codes to access product specs and personal VIP price, personal shopper by appointment (booked on the app), and much more. The innovative platform and customer’s buying process tracking allow a high degree of personalization to be achieved while in the physical store.