Ebeltoft Global Insights | Lefties, Spain

Ebeltoft Global Insights | Lefties, Spain

26 Apr 2023

Author:Kiss Retail, Spain

Every month, one of our partners will share an innovative case from their country. This month: Spain! The case is about Lefties: an expanding Inditex brand at very affordable prices. 

Its new flagship store in Barcelona offers an advanced shopping experience that combines fun and inspiration with efficient operations thanks to technology and a fully integrated business model. It is worth visiting and living the shopping experience, so we’ve made a video for those of you who are not in Barcelona.
Inspiring product display, arcade games, neon signs and ambient screens create an entertaining and engaging space.

Services include click&collect lockers, 30-minutes garment customization, used clothing recollection and a coffee shop.

However, the truly differential innovations are in the operations:

  • All cashiers decks are automated payment and give a futuristic feel. RFID tags on all products make the process very easy and fast for the customer.
  • Staff-less fitting rooms, where unwanted product is automatically taken back to the store's stock flow, minimizing the time that product is off the sales floor.

These redefined processes allow store employees to focus on assisting customers rather than on operations, establishing a more personal connection than in other similar mainstream fashion stores.