Ebeltoft Global Insights | Planet-score, France

Ebeltoft Global Insights | Planet-score, France

26 Oct 2022

Every month, one of our partners will share an innovative case from their country. This month: France! Thanks to the collective work of experts, NGOs and also organic farmers, a new rating system has been developed in France to evaluate food products which are sold in the retail industry. This scoring enables people to choose products with more transparency about their impact on the planet. This new scoring system is called the Planet-score.

It is built as followed:

One overall grade, from A (best grade possible) to E (worst grade possible), rate the product based on 3 distinct indicators regarding the production methods:
•    The use of pesticides,
•    The respect of biodiversity (pollution of the water/of the air, presence of GMO, use of harmful chemicals, etc.)
•    The respect of the climate (deforestation, etc.)

On top of those rating and indicators, Planet-score includes information about the animal wellbeing and how respectful the farming method is (access to an outdoor space by the animals, comfort, etc.)

Lots of brands and retailers have decided to implement this scoring indicator which is currently the most complete which can be found on the French market.