Ebeltoft Global Insights | Zé Delivery, Brazil

Ebeltoft Global Insights | Zé Delivery, Brazil

30 Nov 2022

Every month, one of our partners will share an innovative case from their country. This month: Brazil! The case we will share this month is from Zé Delivery, this company is transforming the way consumers buy beverages across Latin America.

This company was born as a start-up within the Brazilian operation of the giant AB-InBev. Zé Delivery is a digital platform that connects thousands of bars throughout Brazil directly with consumers.Their value proposition is to deliver cold beverages in a matter of minutes directly to consumers' homes at the same price as the supermarket.

The platform grew quickly reaching 61MM orders in 2021, 4 million consumers and over 4.000 partner bars, that have exclusivity in a 5km area. Already present in 13 countries, the main differential of the platform is its unique business model, in order to deliver the value proposition – cold beverage delivered at home with the same price of supermarkets, Zé Delivery does not charge any fees, neither from bars or consumers, only a small delivery fee is paid by consumers and all the revenues goes straight to the bars. The price of the products is established by AB-InBev in the platform and the company guarantees a minimum margin for the partners bars.

Zé Delivery does not have any revenues and all its costs are paid by AB-InBev, that now owns an exclusive and direct channel to its consumers, reinforcing the Direct to Consumer trend that is gaining strength across the globe.