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Neuromarketing Conference 2015 (Munich)

23 Apr 2015

“All companies strive for growth and success. In this context, modern and innovative marketing plays a central role. Further developments in the market are requiring increasingly more effectiveness.

A decisive guarantee for success is a satisfied customer!

Happiness research has provided exciting findings – not just for philosophers, psychologists and neurobiologists, but above all for the marketing practice. Advertising often serves to sell promises of happiness, however, how can you actually recognize the inner needs and desires of consumers? Which of the findings made by happiness researchers have the potential to make your customers happier and at the same, by doing so, ensure sustained growth for your company?

At the Neuromarketing Conference 2015 on April 23, 2015, expert speakers from the realm of academic research and the industry will show you how important a satisfied and happy customer can be as a motor for successful company growth and what measures can be derived from this approach.

We look forward to welcoming you to our conference!”

Neuromarketing Conference 2015 (Munich)