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Emotional Boosting

Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG - Ebeltoft Germany

It all comes down to the details! Hans-Georg Häusel shows how customers tick in their purchase decisions and why emotions are so important for the success of a product, and how you can create unique products and secure a competitive advantage for yourself. Winners have one thing in common – an absolute passion for details. Someone who is better in 1,000 little things ultimately has the decisive competitive advantage. And what’s especially important here: These 1,000 little things are often only perceived by the buyer unconsciously. They result in an overall picture of a product or service in the customer’s brain and cause him or her to prefer the product over a different one. Content: • How a convincing composition of 1,000 little things is developed from the viewpoint of brain research. • How you can use decisive but minor details to create products and services that the competition cannot imitate. • Numerous examples of success from sales, service, brand structure and product design. About the Author Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel is a trained psychologist and member of the Executive Board of the Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich. He is amongst the world’s leading experts in transferring brain research findings to consumer behavior, marketing and brand management issues. Clients advised include many international manufacturers of branded goods, retail companies and banks.