Experiences are key!

Experiences are key!

08 May 2019

Personal. Social. Emotional. Experiences are key! Engagement is driven by personalized experiences, and brands and retailers can drive higher engagement and loyalty through not only staff and their expertise, but also digital tools and datadriven experiences that cater to the individual shopper.

For example, digital tools and technology can be integrated in the physical store to create engaging and personal experiences, where in-store customization tools are on the rise. According to our new report, The Global Consumer Report 2019, where we have unraveled consumer attitudes and behaviors in 14 select markets, more than half of consumers on average and 67% of Millennials express interest in personalizing products that they buy by e.g. selecting colors or creating designs. Customized products are increasing in popularity because they offer customers unique and differentiated products and experiences from the masses. On the business side, personalization and customization strengthens customer and brand relationships, as customers will form emotional connections to personalized products.

Consumer behavior and attitudes towards personalization of products

To what extent are you interested in personalizing the products that you buy (e.g. selecting colors, creating designs, etc.)

Answer: Interested + very interested

Although more than half of consumers (55%) are interested in personalizing products, roughly only half of them have personalized a product in a retail store within the last 12 months (28%). Whereas this can be a difference between behavior and attitude, it can also mean a lack of personalization opportunities in stores.

Yes, I have personalized a product in a retail store (e.g. by choosing the color or influencing the design) within the last 12 months

In a world full of choices, the personalized experience is crucial for gaining loyal customers, and catering to and understanding the individual customer’s needs is paramount to stay relevant. This is not only due to the fact that consumers feel time deprived and don’t have time to spare for irrelevant content, they also want to form meaningful relationships with brands and know that retailers and brands pay attention and care.

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