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The Digitalisation of Retail

Want to find out the game-changing digital innovations impacting retail? How disruptive technologies like AR, voice activation, artificial intelligence etc. are changing the status quo in the retail industry?

Ebeltoft Group breaks down the impact of technology and digital Innovations for the retailers and their customers in this compelling White paper report- The Empowered Customer; The Digitalisation of Retail. The report also outlines what retailers will need to consider when adopting these technologies with examples of businesses utlizing these digital tools.

Retail Innovations

Ebeltoft Group has been monitoring brand and store innovations for more than a decade, uncovering trends both underlying and emerging in modern retail. Our retail experts around the world join forces to share insights from their local markets that will inspire your ideas to innovate and future-proof your business. We have evaluated more than 40 innovative cases from more than 18 countries, revealing four different retail trends to create a detailed big picture of what’s to come.


The future of retailing involves increasing integration of services and the supply of products, creating solutions that meet the emerging demands of omni-consumers whose multi-channel access blurs the barrier between physical and digital arenas.